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3D cinematic platformer - The game takes elements from a genre associated with navigating levels full of obstacles with emphasis on puzzle-solving as well as storytelling. However, this gets adapted to a full 3D perspective, making a heavy use of camera movements.

After Hannah's doll gets stolen by a mysterious force, you must help her face multiple challenges that have taken shape by her childhood memories and wounds. Set in a retro surrealist world inspired by the 80's, the player can choose between different paths that will take them down multiple endings.

  • Developer: Spaceboy
  • Website: www.hannahthegame.com
  • Release: 2024
  • Platforms: Windows (Steam, Microsoft Store), Xbox One, Series S, Series X
  • Technologies: Unreal Engine 5.1
  • Gameplay: 3D cinematic platformer with psychological horror and puzzle elements.
  • Inspiration: Psychoanalysis,the power of dreams, 80´s horror movies, pop culture.
  • Main themes: Fear, dreams, memories

Main features

  1. “Obedience system”: the game tracks the player's actions and changes the environment and ending to adapt.
  2. Full 3D perspective for a cinematic platformer.
  3. A narrative shaped by 80's pop culture.
  4. Original soundtrack composed by Adrián Terrazas.
The 80's are back, baby!

About us

SpaceBoy is a creative studio formed by multidisciplinary artists focused on creating mesmerizing audiovisual content; hand in hand with the development of stories, processes and personalized techniques.

Always building from inside.

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Creative Team

  • Original Concept
    • César Legaria
  • Direction
    • Alejandro Reyes
    • César Legaria
  • Executive Direction
    • Cristina Sánchez “Kittie”
    • Daniel Laget “Bush”
    • Juan Flores
    • Manuel Bustos
  • Producer
    • Paulina Patiño
  • Developers
    • Arturo López Fernandez
    • Alberto Alonzo Lona
    • Antonio Schwuchow Machorro
    • Jorge Cruz Veloz
    • Luis Alejandro De la Peña
  • Visual Artists
    • Alan Sánchez
    • A. René Sánchez
    • Alejandro Reyes
    • Alexis Ramírez
    • Cesar Legaría
    • Daniel Monterrosas
    • Gastón Álvarez
    • Isabel Reyes
    • Israel Ayhllón
    • Jaime Laget
    • Naomi Iwadare
    • Rubén Del Moral
  • Sound Effects
    • Julio Gaxiola
    • Rodolfo Romero (SILENCE)
  • Original Music
    • Fernando Dimare
    • Julio Gaxiola