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Hannah is a puzzle-platformer horror survival game. You play as Hannah, an adolescent girl borned in the 1980´s, who's trying to comprehend her personality by making an internal journey to her childhood and find out what went wrong.

You will immerse yourself in the depths of this dreamlike reality in which Hannah must be sneaky, solve puzzles, use the elements at her disposal to create devices and vehicles and avoid dying on the way.

  • Developer: Spaceboy
  • Website: www.hannahthegame.com
  • Release: 2020
  • Platforms: Windows
  • Technologies: Unreal Engine 4
  • Gameplay: Horror survival with stealth and puzzle-platformer.
  • Inspiration: Psychoanalysis,the power of dreams, 80´s horror movies, pop culture.
  • Main themes: Fear, dreams, memories

Main features

  1. Hannah is set in a surreal retro world where memories and fears multiply and mix each other in fascinating ways.
  2. As Hannah, you'll be able to climb ropes, swing, slide, solve puzzles, assemble gadgets and vehicles, as well as being able to use enemies to go unnoticed.
  3. Incredible art direction in conjunction with high quality 3d models and high resolution textures within Unreal Engine. Volumetric lighting, particle effects and custom shaders.
  4. Original Sound FX.
  5. Original Soundtrack.
The 80's are back, baby!

About us

SpaceBoy is a creative studio formed by multidisciplinary artists focused on creating mesmerizing audiovisual content; hand in hand with the development of stories, processes and personalized techniques.

Always building from inside.

Build From Inside


Creative Team

  • Idea

    César Legaria

  • Direction
    • Alejandro Reyes
    • César Legaria
  • Executive Production
    • Cristina Sánchez “Kittie”
    • Daniel Laget “Bush”
    • Juan Flores
    • Manuel Bustos
  • Production

    Paulina Patiño

  • Development Team
    • Arturo López Fernandez
    • Alberto Alonzo Lona
    • Antonio Schwuchow Machorro
    • Jorge Cruz Veloz
    • Luis Alejandro De la Peña
  • Visual Artists
    • Alan Sánchez
    • A. René Sánchez
    • Alejandro Reyes
    • Alexis Ramírez
    • Cesar Legaría
    • Daniel Monterrosas
    • Gastón Álvarez
    • Isabel Reyes
    • Israel Ayhllón
    • Jaime Laget
    • Naomi Iwadare
    • Rubén Del Moral
  • SFX
    • Julio Gaxiola
    • Rodolfo Romero (SILENCE)
  • Original Music
    • Fernando Dimare
    • Julio Gaxiola